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Real Ales & Ciders at the Royal Oak🍺
We are passionate about the quality of our real ales and ciders and, as well as ones from further afield, we offer a varying selection of locally brewed ones.
If you have a favourite real ale or real cider from Gloucestershire and would like to see it served at the bar please ask to see if we can get it here for you.
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We support CAMRA ... the Campaign for Real Ale.
CAMRA - Campaign for Real Cider and Perry
CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale

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About LocAle:

CAMRA 'LocAle' is an initiative that promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale in order to reduce the number of ‘beer miles’ from brewery to pub cellar. It is based on growing consumer demand for quality local produce and increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Launched in 2007, CAMRA branches around the country will award accreditation to pubs that regularly stock at least one real ale. The pub can then advertise their support by posting the window sticker in their pubs.

Some of the benefits of stocking locally produced real ale in local pubs includes:

– pubs can attract more visitors through their doors, including tourists

– consumers can enjoy greater beer choice and diversity

– local brewers are supported with increased sales

– local economy is supported as more money is generated and spent locally

– fewer beer miles means less impact on the environmental

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